sarvajan sewa Sansthan
Non Government Organization

Our Services

Our future plans
  • Purchase of land
  • Construction of All religions Prayer Assembly Hall
  • Construction of Academic Campus
  • Construction of Guest House & Passengers’ Abode
  • Construction of Animals Shelter House
  • Construction of Hostel and Library
  • Construction of Auditorium & Assembly Hall

We will provide our services in followuing ways and make Healthy enviroment:-

  • Preservation of environment
  • Equilibrium of religions
  • Fraternity
  • Spreading education
  • Promoting equality

We distribute free cotton bags for keeping environment clean and pure. If you wish a minimum number of 1100 bags can be distributed, in memory of your beloved ones by our organization. Thus you can contribute to the preservation of environment.

Become a part of "Green earth revolution" The Earth is turning into a polythene dustbin

Today, companies are proactively takng up the task of environment protection under CSR and thus giving a social value to all their business endeavors. In India, though corporate have a strong will to work for a social cause also have plenty of resources at their command, considering the demography and diverse social problems in the country, it becomes difficult for them to reach the right people. And thus they join hands with development organizations to advance their welfare initiatives at the grassroots level. sarvajan sewa Sansthan believes that corporate have vital role to play in the “Green Earth Revolution”. We seek cooperation of all those who has a concern for environment protection.

Surely we don’t want it to happen. Let us pledge to make the Earth Green AND Join Hands With sarvajan sewa Sansthan. Polythene Bags :A Menace for the society

500 Billion to 1 Trillion bags are used per year in the world. It takes 500 years to 1000 years to decompose a polythene bag. Sights of plastic bags on the road side in rivers, sea, sewers and dumps have become common. We throw plastic bag outside our car windows without giving it a second thought. This carelessness in the usage of plastic bags, for all purpose, has led to a number of environmental hazards.

  • Polythene kills animals &birds
  • Polythene contaminates river water
  • Polythene contaminates river water
  • Polythene fills land & makes it baron
  • Polythene blocks drainage & sewer lines
  • Polythene blocks drainage & sewer lines
  • Polythene when burnt emits poisonous gases causing cancer

100% Eco friendly Cloth Bags are the only alternative to polythene bags. Cloth bag can be Reused and Recycled.But cloth bags are expansive to buy sarvajan sewa Sansthan an organization Commited to green earth makes it affordable to all. We target to distribute 1, 00,000 cloth bags per week free to public. How can we do it ? Each cloth bag 12”X 16” costing Rs.15/-Will carry advertisements of non competitive products generating a revenue of rupees 15/-per bag. Bags thus manufactured will then be distributed free to public at large either by advertisers or by our volunteers in designated colonies

Bag advertising is very affective Than Other advertising.